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19th of November 2017


This historical review was largely based on the Society’s own 60 page 2003 publication: ‘Historic Guide to Bendigo’.

Purchase from the Society's address - See Here

This illustrated booklet treats the history of Bendigo through 15 themes: Natural History, Early Settlement, Mining, Population, Water Supply, Communications, Commerce, Architect and Builders, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Health, Government, Law and Order, Education, Cultural Development and Recreation,

There are four pages of “historical highlights”, a comprehensive Time Line (1836 –recent), two colour fold-out maps of urban and rural Bendigo and a list of approximately 100 published books of Further Reading for those seeking more in-depth treatment of the Guide’s themes.

The ‘Historic Guide to Bendigo’ is available at $16.50 from the Visitor Information Centre at the old Bendigo Post Office, Pall Mall, Bendigo or direct from the Society.

The following books treat the history of Bendigo in a more thorough way than the Society’s brief Guide:

“History of Bendigo”, George Mackay. Originally published by Fergusson & Mitchell Ltd, Melbourne, 1891. Re-published in Bendigo by Lerk & McClure, 2000.
Published in 1891, it sold steadily for many years, but copies are now virtually unobtainable, and only rarely come to light in antiquarian bookshops, or through the winding up of estates.
For this reprint of Mackay’s work, the text of the book has been completely reset, faithfully following the style and format of the original. A very comprehensive index, both biographical, and subject, has been added, increasing this volume’s convenience. 213 pages. 152 pages.
Cost details: $29.50
Availability details: Most Bendigo bookshops and Visitor Information Centre. Bendigo Modern Press, Short Street, Kangaroo Flat 3555

“Bendigo: A History” Revised Edition. Cusack, Frank E. Published December 2002 by Lerk & McClure, Bendigo.
In the past decade, very high prices have been paid for this title and many of Frank’s friends suggested he might republish or update his work. This he explored, but perhaps did not feel inclined to pursue, apart from preparing some material now included in this revised edition. After Frank’s passing, the family willingly agreed to the publication of this edition. 282 pages
Cost details: $33.00
Availability details: Visitor Information Centre and Bendigo Modern Press, Kangaroo Flat 3555.

“Bendigo’s Gold Story”, Ralph W. Birrell and James A. Lerk. Published and copyright J.A. & E.R.S. Lerk, 8 MacKenzie Street West, Golden Square 3555, June 2001.
Brings together some of the stories, people and images that vividly depict the arduous life for miners in the years from 1851 until the 21st Century. 152 pages incl. Bibliography and index.
Cost details: $55 plus postage
Availability details: From the above publisher’s address; also at the Central Deborah Gold Mine, Collins Booksellers (Hargreaves Mall) and the Bendigo Visitor Information Centre.

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