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Clock presented to Mr P Cooper

Black wooden mantle clock with pendulum bob made in the U.S.A by the Sessions Clock Company. Mounted on ornate metal feet and decorated with four columns supporting Gothic arches with torch like ornamentation between them and an ornate handle on each end. Round white enamel dial with black numerals and hands, and a brass bezel with convex glass. Eight day running with gong strike on the hour and half hour. A brass plaque on the front reads “Presented to Mr. P. Cooper by his fellow employees of the Water Commission Bendigo on his retirement 30.6.1926.”

Advocate (Melbourne, Vic. : 1868 – 1954) Wednesday 23 August 1944 p 22 Article

An old and respected resident of Golden Square, Mr. Patrick Cooper, passed away recently.
For 50 years Mr. Cooper was employed with the Water Commission, and for 38 years he was water bailiff. He retired 18 years ago.
He was a native of Crusoe, and had lived in the district all his life. Sympathy is felt for his daughter, Miss Lucy Cooper, in her loss. His wife, Mrs. Mary Cooper, one daughter, Theresa (Sister Mary Borgia) and son, Roy, pre-deceased him.
The funeral took place to the Kangaroo Flat Cemetery and was largely attended. The burial service was read by Rev. P. O’Connor.

Clock presented to Gertrude Perry

Mantle Clock. 1940s 8-day time & strike clock. Veneered case with chrome bezel, silvered hands and numeral and a Cathedral gong. Chimes once on half hour and the number of hours. Complete with pendulum and key. Presentation plaque on front reads “Pres. To Miss Gertrude Perry Mitchell St Popular Girl 1941. Modified key for easy winding.

Eye shade

Flesh coloured celluloid eye shade in its original box. “Improved Ventilated Eye Shades. Celluloid. Mace & Haldane. London. No 6694. Right Eye.

Eye Shade



Flesh coloured celluloid eye shade in its original box.

Label “Improved ventilated eye shades No. 6694. Right Eye. Made in England.”

Medicine Spoon

White porcelain graduated medicine spoon. Printed on the side “Graduated Medicine Spoon Registered March 22 1873 S Maw. Son and Thompson London.

Papier-mâché crumb tray

Papier-mâché crumb tray with wooden brush. Pale green with blue and gold decoration of a large bird, frogs and plants. Papier-mâché was used in the second quarter of the 19th century for a variety of household furnishings.

Heubach German porcelain doll


Heubach German porcelain doll. The head is badly cracked and taped together. The face is clear, but the doll’s eyes are loose and need to be reset. All parts are separate. The composition body is in need of repair. The doll has an open mouth with one tooth and pierced nostrils.
The doll is clothed in red cotton drawers with long legs and a knitted singlet, with a white lawn dress with lace tied together with ribbon. A crocheted bonnet is lined with silk.
Markings ‘Heubach’. Early 1900s
Ernst Heubach was a company in Köppelsdorf, Thuringia, Germany, that manufactured porcelain-headed bisque dolls from 1885 onwards.

Armand Marseille doll

My Dream baby doll AM 351

The doll has a bisque head, sleep eyes, painted lashes and two bottom teeth.
The doll’s head has been repaired. The composition body in good condition
The lawn dress has pink embroidery and appears to be the original clothes.
The doll was purchased from Harrods in London in 1926

Donated by June Adams

Armand Marseille of Sonneberg and Koppelsdorf, Thüringia, Germany was one of the world’s largest and best-known bisque doll head manufacturers.
Bisque heads made by AM represented a newborn infant.

Spice Container

Tin spice container containing six round spice tins labelled Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ginger, Allspice, Cloves and Pepper.

Dressing table set

Pink glass art deco style dressing table set with a rectangular tray, lidded bowl, perfume atomizer and perfume bottle with chrome tops.