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“Take Me Back to Bendigo” DVD recorded by the Euro Fest Choir through the generous donation from Tom and Libby Luke 26th February 2023.

Originally written and composed by Alan Rattray and Bert Rache.

Recorded in 1908 by Alma Gray.

MP3 recording available by contacting the Treasurer at the email address below. $5.00 for a CD or a USB



The following books can be ordered through the Treasurer to be collected from History House 11 Mackenzie Street, Bendigo or sent by mail.

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Postal order
For postal orders please contact the Treasurer via email on  treasurer@bendigohistory.com


“A History of the St Kilian’s Churches of Bendigo from 1852 to the present”
St Killian’s Church
Available for sale $2.00

“A Soldier to the Last Major General George James Rankin of the Australian Light Horse (1887 – 1957)”
Malcolm Saunders
Available for sale $10.00

“A Stage of Remembrance”
Bendigo Operatic Society 1952 – 1961
Madge E Welch
Available for sale $3.00 each or $5.00 set of two (with below)

“Continuing Stages of Remembrance”
Bendigo Operatic Society 1922 – 1979
Madge E Welch
Available for sale $3.00 each or $5.00 set of two (with above)

“Annals of Bendigo”
Boxed set Volume 7 (1951 – 1970) and Volume 8 (1971 – 1987)
Edited by Frank Cusack
Available for sale $25.00

“Annals of Bendigo”
Volume 9 (1988 – 1999)
Edited by Frank Cusack
Available for sale $20.00

“Bendigo to Murray River Railway (1864 – 2014)”
Celebrating the Sesquicentenary of the Bendigo to Murray River Railway. September 2014.
Esma Turner
Available for sale $40.00

This book records the stories of the building of the last section of the Melbourne, Mt Alexander to Murray River railway in 1864 and subsequent extensions. This important railway line linked two colonies and brought world markets within the reach of paddle steamers.                                               

“Historic Guide to Bendigo (2009)”
Bendigo Historical Society. Edited by Jim Evans.
Available for sale $15.00

“Jewish Worship in Bendigo (Sandhurst)”
An Overview of Religious Observation 1853 – 2017
Terry Davidson
Bendigo Historical Society publication
Available for sale $10.00

“Kennington Red Cross Centenary (1914 – 2014) – The First in Australia”
Available for sale $15.00

“Marist Brass – A Century of Music and March (1910 – 2010)”
George Flack
Available for sale $20.00

The Marist Brass Band has a long and proud history from its roots in 1910 when it formed out of the Hibernian Society Band to become the Marist Brothers College Band.

This book contains a comprehensive history of the band from 1910 – 2010.

“Melbourne to Bendigo Railways (1862 – 2012)”
Bendigo Historical Society Edited by Jim Evans
Available for sale $20.00

Publication exploring the story of rail coming to Bendigo including personal anecdotes from local railway men and women.

“One School’s Journey  – Quarry Hill Primary School (1857 – 2015)”
Barbara Poustie
Available for sale $20.00

A history of Quarry Hill Primary School compiled for school records.

“Self-Guided Tours of Historic Bendigo”
Bendigo Historical Society Inc. Edited by Jim Evans
Available for sale $10.00

“The End of an Era – Life in old Eaglehawk and Bendigo”
William Perry
Available for sale $15.00

“The History of Hotel Shamrock”
Frank Cusack
Available for sale $20.00

“White Hills Cemetery A Reflection”                                            Fiona E Stanton in partnership with the Bendigo Historical Society.                                                                                          Available for sale $20.00.                                                                      A history of the White Hills Cemetery and the early Sextons and their families.

“Written in Stone”
Barbara Poustie
Available for sale $20.00

The story of James Brierley, the stonemason who built Specimen Cottage in Bendigo in 1856. This cottage is now the oldest original residence in Bendigo.