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Bendigo, known also officially as Sandhurst in former times, has had an interesting and vibrant history over its 150 or so years.

Its history spans the spectacular gold 'rush' that disrupted the early colonial pastoral leases through to the town and city established on well organized gold production and deep reef mining.

Time and diversification have lead to its current position as a leading provincial city of Victoria, Australia.

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History Lives
Our President, Jim Evans regularly writes history articles relating to our collection or local historical activities. Click here to read all the History Lives Articles.

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NEW ARTICLE - "Sonny you have lost your Pannikin" by Tom Luke
From my memory of growing up in the 1940’s in Kangaroo Flat now a suburb of Bendigo, but at the time part of the Shire of Marong. The year was 1940 the day was Monday April 1st (April Fool's Day) and as a student in Grade 2 at the Kangaroo Flat State School Number 981 I was walking my way to School. My Schoolbag was on my back and attached to it was an Enamel Pannikin (Enamel Cup).
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Our Shared Files page aims to present documents of interest relating to the history of Bendigo and documents relating to the organization and functioning of the Bendigo Historical Society.

Bendigo History

You are invited to look at Bendigo's interesting and colourful history through our Review of Bendigo History and to look at architectural features and current attractions that provide some insight into the heritage of this region.

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